Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological museum run by department of history has material like coins, coin moulds, pottery, antiquities, sculptures, bricks, rare photographs etc. This material is collected by the students of department from nearby archaeological sites such as Mohanbari, Bigowa, Kaliyana, Samaspur, Jhinjjhar, Misri, Manheru, Ranila etc. The coin section of the museum has coins ranging from tribal coins up to English coins. Yaudheyas coins and shahi coins and sultanate coins are of immense importance. The pottery section has pre-harrapan, harrapan and late harrapan pottery along with historical and early medieval pottery. The main shapes are shreds of dish-on-stand, perforated jars etc. Museum also have some rare photographs of Subash Bose and INA along with historical monument of Charkhi Dadri.