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The College has always been excellent in the academic field and has produced a large number of students who have established themselves in almost all the walks of life. The achievements of the session 2008-09 are being highlighted as under:

Merits in University Examination (Session 2008-09)

Sr. No. Name Class Rank / Univ. Position
1 Priti Kumari BA 1st 9th
2 Arstu B.Sc. 1st 7th
3 Komal Goyal B.Sc 2nd 10th

Merits in University Examination (Session 2009-10)

Sr.  No. Name Class Rank / Univ. Position
1 Komal B.Sc. III 3rd
2 Montu B.Sc. III 7th
3 Arstu B.Sc. II 15th




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